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How to make a list of abbreviations or a glossary in the appendices?

Use the package {nomencl} (manual), which provides a mechanism for a glossary/nomenclature.

If you need similar functionalities, say, a list of abbreviations, try to define them yourself as follows:
\renewcommand{\nomname}{List of Abbreviations}
\setlength{\nomlabelwidth}{.45\hsize} %%% Length of each label, see the manual.
\renewcommand{\nomlabel}[1]{#1 \dotfill} %%% To center the lables, you can use \hfill #1 \hfill instead.
Then, the command \arrev{DL}{Description Logics} defines the lables, which can then be used for \listofabbreviations (possibly in the appendix).
Wait... This must be done by makeindex like this: makeindex foo.nlo -s -o foo.nls
To define a postprocessing in MiKTEX gives you an easy option: just add above arguments "foo.nlo -s -o foo.nls".


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