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How to install GIT on bluehost/hostmonster?

First SSH into your account at bluehost or hostmonster.

Download the GIT latest source from Google code:

Create a directory in your server home, e.g. ~/public_html/git

Unpack teh srouce and install:

tar -zxf git-1.x.x.tar.gz
cd git-1.x.x
./configure --prefix=$HOME/public_html/git [remember this is the path to the folder you just created]
make install

Now test the installation by typing "git --version". You should be able to see the version of GIT. Now you have a working GIT on your server.

In case you want to modify the profile, add the following to the appropriate profile (bashrc or profile) and "source " the profile.

export PATH=$HOME/public_html/git/bin/:$HOME/public_html/git/lib/libexec/git-core/:$PATH

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