Meteor Shower of the "Lyrids"

The meteor shower of the Lyrids will be available in the evenings of April 21/22, 2009 in North America. Viewing tips and other star showers can be retrieved from stardate.

Unfortunately I am unable to watch any meteor shower due to the rain here in Waterloo ...

Other meteor showers this year:

Name Date of Peak Moon Phase
Quadrantids January 3, morning First quarter
Lyrids night of April 21/22 near new Moon
Eta Aquarids May 5 Sets around 4 a.m.
Perseids August 12, morning/evening Rises around midnight
Orionids October 21, morning Near new Moon
Leonids night of November 17/18, morning New Moon
Geminids night of December 13/14 Near new Moon


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